800 D3 Reveal Your Music

The 800 D3 is driven by technological innovation. From drive units to cabinet geometry, every major component has been rethought and reinvented. And the rulebook for loudspeaker design has been ripped up and rewritten in the process. The future of loudspeaker technology starts here.

Technical features

- Diamond tweeter - Anti-Resonance plug
- Aerofoil cone bass units - Optimised matrix
- Continuum cone FST™ - Turbine head
- Flowport™ - Solid body tweeter


Drive units

1x ø25mm (1 in) diamond dome high-frequency1x ø150mm (6 in) Continuum cone FST™ midrange2x ø250mm (10 in) Aerofoil cone bass units

Home Theatre

Sigma AMP2 - Sigma AMP5


Sigma series amplifiers are designed to pack tremendous power, performance and value into relatively small and energy efficient chassis.




Our flagship surround processor has been designed for highest performance and maximum flexibility.

P9 Sinature

P9 Signature was created to reflect 50 years of acoustic innovation. It has striking depth and clarity and looks gorgeous too.


P9 Signature, our largest over-ear headphone, exemplifies all of the acoustic and design innovation skills we have amassed in our 50 year journey. P9 Signature raises the bar for performance from a mobile headphone.


P9 Signature is conceived by our engineering team in the Steyning Research Establishment in West Sussex, England. Founded by John Bowers, SRE is the heart of Bowers & Wilkins and the mind and soul that creates the products people love.